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Does Cookie Saver work with google amp pages?


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    Cookie Saver Support

    Hi Vahan,

    Thank you for your questions. I don't have any experience with AMP pages, but maybe I can help anyway.

    I'm assuming the ClientID is stored in a cookie. If so, it all depends on what domain the AMP page is located on. If the AMP is on a different domain than the website (e.g. and, respectively), then the value cannot be shared with the website, as that would make it a third-party cookie, which are blocked by default in both Safari and Firefox. Cookie Saver cannot bring back third-party cookies, unfortunately.

    It the AMP page is on a subdomain of the domain where the website is located (e.g. and, respectively), then it should be able to be shared between the to pages. In this case Cookie Saver can help extend the lifespan of the cookie.

    I hope that helps.

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